OOMYAN Creative

Connecting You to Your Customers

Since 2015 in Yangon, Myanmar

Our Approach

You want to reach more customers. Because you want to sell to them. So that you can make money.
We understand that. We want to do the same thing, too.

First, we do our best to understand your business, your product or service, and how you sell to your customers
Then, we try to understand your customers
We work with you to define a strong, effective brand that will connect with your target customers
We create, powerful advertising and marketing campaigns and activities to continuously reach out to and engage with customers
We build data-driven mechanisms to drive customer leads to you, leads that you can turn into sales

To do this, we leverage on our core skills:
creative Design, application of Information Technology, and an appreciation and understanding of Selling

Our Services

WHAT WE DO: we help you..

Market Research & Survey

Make informed decisions by knowing more about market and customers, through online feedback, tele-surveys, and focus groups.

Branding & Identity Management

Establish a strong brand identity that will connect to your target audience. Enhance and reinforce this brand with consistent messages across all channels.

Direct Response Marketing

Get more customers and more sales with targetted advertising and marketing activities designed to generate a direct response and increase sales


Copy Writing

The art and science of creative writing. We create effective content with a purpose: to engage, to convince, and to sell.

Photography & Videography

We do our own in-house food, product and site photography to accurately and positively portray your products and services.

Graphic Design

Our experienced designers can craft your vision, to effecively connect to your audience.


Media Placement and Management

Your message, however finely crafted, must reach the right audience. We will find the best channels, with effective Return on Investment to reach the most customers.

Packaging, Merchandising, Installation

We bring conceptual designs to physical life, in the functional form of packaging, merchandising support, and physical installations.

Digital Marketing & Online Presence

Leverage on the reach and information processing power of online marketing, through effective use of websites and social media.

Samples of our works

We're pleased to share some examples of the work we've done. If you're interested in looking in finding out more, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

We would love to show you how our services can help you. Please feel free to drop by our offices, or contact us.

Building 7/8 (Pepsi Lotte), 1st Floor
Bogyoke Aung San Road
Bahosi Compound, Lanmadaw, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: +95(9)425 844 953
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @oomyancreative